Client Case Studies

Our agency’s fortune rises and falls with its clients’ successes. Our reputation rests with the ‘clients’ we’ve kept and we’re happy to profile a few case studies from time-to-time!

The site profiled below is what we call a “membership” website. In this case, people must pay a fee each month to access the content on the inside of the site. This is a very easy business to get into right away with very little risk…

Everyone has some type of talent, skill and/or knowledge locked inside of them. We can help you get it out so you too can profit from it. Read on to learn more…

Clients Like Ken is Using His Experience to Teach Other Inspectors How to Build a Successful and Profitable Home Inspection Business


As the owner of an multi-inspection firm that inspected thousands of homes each year, Ken took his knowledge and packaged up into a membership website where he teaches other home inspectors how to market and grow their home inspection business.

They pay him $79 each month to access the membership portion of his website where they get access to training materials and tutorials designed to help them build a profitable biz.

In addition to that, he also hosts a yearly workshop where these inspectors fly-in from all over the country to attend a 3-5 day workshop to learn more advanced skills.

You can see the newly revised website we just updated here (Ken has been a client of ours for nearly 5 years now).

Update: Ken just e-mailed to inform me that his website has cracked the $1 million sales mark. He’s been at it for four years now and shows no sign of slowing down.