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A great website will help build your brand, connect with your customers and grow your bottom-line… At webMedia Avenue, we produce websites that turn your viewers into prospects…prospects into customers…and customers into repeat, referring customers.

Never again will you get a website that just sits there and look pretty. Your website is an investment and you should EXPECT a profitable return from it. And unlike the stock market, you don’t have to wait years to see it.

If your website isn’t making you any type of profit whatsoever, you should FIRE it! Before you go out and get just another web designer, heed these words…

Most Web Designers Can’t Help You…

While that probably wasn’t the most politically correct thing to say, it nonetheless needed to be said, and here’s why!

Most web designers are just that – ‘designers’. They don’t understand marketing. They don’t understand selling. And they certainly don’t understand lead generation. These designers couldn’t build you a website that generated a profit if their lives depended on it!

As designers, they’re tend to create websites that look good and are appealing to the eyes.

The problem with these type of sites is they have no clearly defined goal or ‘call-to-action’. Most people browse them, click on a few links and click off without ever purchasing, calling or inquiring.

The visitor is bombarded with a bunch of links, flashy things and moving parts. They’re stuck — they don’t know where to go, or what to do, so they leave!

Web design IS marketing… And marketing is about selling.

Your website should be able to get real, measurable results from all of your marketing efforts. Your website should bring new customers and keep existing ones engaged.

As an advertising and marketing agency first, we understand how to design websites that sale and pull-in leads! Not only that, but we design your website to fit into your overall marketing strategy, both on the ‘Net and off.  We know your website must pay for itself and bring you a hefty  ‘Return on Investment’.

Great Websites and Affordable Payment Options

We’re in this for the long haul. While many other web design and marketing companies charge BIG upfront fees for the one-time sale, we’re different.

Many of our clients have been with us for over 10 years… And the only reason they stay that long is because we continue to bring them customers, sales and leads. Their bottom-line increases each year because of the services and work we provide them.

As one client recently said,  “I’d rather you bleed me to death slowly over time instead of taking one-lump sum of money from me…”

I’ll admit… That strategy has made us a lot of money – and the clients too 


Feel out the quote request form below and let us know what you’re needing so we can accurately quote you. Our services are much more affordable than you think. If the services you require is outside your budget, we can set you up on a payment plan and get started immediately — I think I mentioned something about us being in this for the long haul… right?

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